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Trend Alert: The Long Wedding Train

The bridal train is one of those things that may go in and out with fashion trends (and whatever is the latest wedding fad), but it’s also possibly the single most timeless wedding accessory and it will of course be here to stay. Surviving all of the “in the moment” trends (no train, a short train, a short dress, the list goes on) it has proved that it is here to stay on the bridal front and that this is one accessory the traditional bride should not go without!

Okay, so you don’t have to go with a train as long as Princess Diana’s famous one (25 feet!) but the train really can complete your overall looking giving an air of elegance, class and beauty! The material here doesn’t really even matter, whether it’s lace, tulle, satin, you name it, as long as it matches with the overall look of your dress, it will work! Here are a few of our favorite picks ranging in style, fabric, and silhouette, but each one is ultra-trendy and not to be forgotten on your wedding day!


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The Birdcage Veil

The veil, in the traditional sense, began as a way to symbolize a brides purity and modesty… but as with most things wedding, the veil has morphed into just another part of the preparation; a fashion trend or accessory. So when I see a birdcage veil, the first thing I think of certainly isn’t purity… more like cutting edge fashion, vintage style, and a bit of Old Hollywood glam!

So what exactly is this “birdcage veil”? Well, put simply, it’s a small piece of net pulled just over the brides eyes. Most birdcage veils also double as a headpiece (a simple net over the bride’s face would be less than romantic); so whether it’s an oversized flower, feathers, or a jeweled brooch, there are many way to express your own style in your veil. The best part about the birdcage veil is how it looks on the bride! It is simple yet elegant, traditional but with a modern flare, and trendy in itself. So if you are of the more traditional school of style, but want to spice things up just a little bit… the bird cage is for you!


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