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Bachelorette Party Etiquette: Pink Accessory Must-Haves

Well we’ve finally made it to Friday – what a week! And after this week I wanted something fun for the weekend… like, bachelorette party ideas! So this will be the first of my bachelorette “etiquette” aka “party” posts and today’s it’s all about the pink! From pink boas and gloves, to pretty in pink invites and obviously onto the desserts… cupcakes, cake and donuts… and finally, lots of pink decor..

Ladies, bachelorette parties are made for pink! Let the celebrations begin!



Credits: 100 Layer Cake, 100 Layer Cake, Betty CrockerInvitation Box, MahoganieIndulgy via The Little Red House, EEA Design100 Layer CakeYour Southern Peach, First of all…, HSN