The Beginning

What could possibly be a better first post than truly starting at the beginning (or at least the beginning of modern day weddings)… The history of the white wedding dress (and of course how you can capture the classic styles that you love from the past today)! It is widely known that Queen Victoria made the modern white dress popular after she wore white on her wedding day in 1840 but it’s a little known fact that the tradition really began with Anne of Brittany on her wedding day in 1499 to Louis XII of France. I wonder then, what happened to the fledgling tradition in the 350 years between Anne of Brittany and Queen Victoria? Well luckily regardless of the pink, grey, blue and black dresses that were worn by brides in those centuries in between, white finally began to evolve throughout the 19th century to what it is today.

So what are the styles that inspire you since Queen Victoria’s trend setting dress? The boyish, unshaped bodices of the roaring 20s? High waistlines of the 60s (think Grace Kelly)? The famous puff sleeves of Princess Diana? The embroidered, embellished, bedazzled dresses of today? Check out these incredible picks from the best of classic to modern styles that remind us of the best eras from the past and the styles to expect more of in the future… Enjoy!

For the traditionalist…

For the modernist…

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